The maritime sector is in constant evolution, at sea but on land too! In today's economic environment, project governance and project management are more important than ever. Focused on international best practice for project management combined with "in house" hands-on experience of Marine I.C.T. our company offers expertise to every part of the project lifecycle phase. With traceable experience in setting up Wireless Maritime Area Network (Wi.M.A.N.), SEA-Tech can help setting up large coastal and off-shore data network to make live data available where it matters most. We can help building smarter ports and fully accessible widnfarms.

 project man

We engage from inception to completion, but we will remain on your side beyond golive. We also understand the crucial role that can be played by having a designated Project Manager in-place to oversee every aspect of the work involved.

By involving our in-house Project Management team our clients can benefit from the peace of mind in knowing that no matter the size of the project they have a dedicated project resource available throughout the process.



Certified Management Consultants

compassSEA-Tech provides professional management consultants who meets the relevant requirements of character, qualifications, experience, competence and independence established by the professional body issuing certification. We provide management consulting services to organizations planning to deploy applications and systems that make use of wireless network infrastructure to improve the efficiency of an organisation. This service is available to port authorities, communes, farms on land and at sea to help define the optimum wireless technologies, system architecture, products, and configuration settings that satisfy requirements. We will also assist your ICT / Engineering department with definning the optimum locations for installing wireless access points or mesh nodes, analysis of existing RF interference, and assessment of equipment mounting assets and existing wired distribution systems.

The initials CMC following a consultant’s name, indicate that he or she is a Certified Management Consultant and meets the strict certification requirements of the IMCA which are based on world class standards of competence, ethics and independence set by the ICMCI (International Council of Management Consultancy Institutes).