Marine ICT Technologists


Who are ETO on ship? If you are a frequent flyer on SEA-Tech's technoblog this question will certainly not strike a chord. But if you are just passing by, maybe I will convince you to stay a little longer on our website...

By now many of us know that Ship's Engineers are responsible for operating the propulsion plants and support systems on board crew, passengers and cargo seafaring vessels or other watercraft. But who are ETO's?

On a ship people belong to the below deck or the above deck (deckies) familly. Yet there is a caste of people, who work below and above deck, the Electro-technical Officer (ETO) are responsible for the maintenance of electrical and electronic equipment. Trained at the National Maritime College of Ireland, SEA-Tech designed the many labs students will go through while in college in their thrid and final year.

Up to a recent past, there wasn't any formal education path, some of us were issued from electrical engineering, others came out of Marine Engineering, i.e. propulsion, most of us came from Radio Operator (RO) or Radio and Radar Technician backgrounds (RRT). Who are they really? Their names are Daire, Adnan, Sinead, Ishaq, Mohamed, Alan, Dave, Nahyan, Jim, Fares, Shane, Aaref, Hussein, by now they have returned to sea, but I had the priviledge to be their instructor in NMCI. Their video on Youtube says it all...

Written by : Arnaud Disant