SEA-Tech on board Ecole Navale vessels

Ecole Navale in France is the equivalent of the National Maritime College of Ireland.

chacal panthere

École Navale in Lanvéoc-Poulmic, in Brittany, is the French Naval Academy in charge of the education of the officers of the French Navy. Ultimately, they are all meant to have responsibilities on board ships, submarines, naval aviation, groups of fusiliers marins (rangers) and commandos but also in general staff as well. 

When la "Menagerie" put to sea

The Ecole Nationale Navale fleet, which is nicknamed because of the Menagerie feline names is composed of eight ships, all named after big cats, BE Panther, BE Jaguar, etc. BE in front of their name stands for Bâtiments Ecole the equivalent of TS for Training Ship in english. It's one of the largest flotilla of training vessels with a long tradition of seamanship. Since Friday three of the eight ships are alongside Customs quay in Cork (Ireland) on a good will visit. I have been among the few fortunates one to be invited on board with Fench Consule, a delegate of the Irish Navale Service representing the Flag Officer, Cork Chamber of Commerce and of course Lord Mayor of Cork city representative. Primarily designed for training, the Léopard Class vessel can also be rigged for anti-polution. With full autonomy of 14 days and range of 5000 NM at 12 knots each vessel can take on board approximatly 37 personel. The Diesel SACM-Wärtsilä can deliver 2200HP, two variable pitch propelers (CPP) can drive the 470 tons ship at a top speed of 15 knots.

four channelFollowing their departure from France, students have applied what they have studied in Lanvéoc-Poulmic. All vessels at first have evolved in formation to perform a series of winching exercises before separating to pursue individual training manoeuvres, before taking the famous Four channel at the westernmost tip of France to reach the northern coast of Brittany. The ships formation all headed to a common first stop in London before continuing this training in small groups output.The three corvettes of la Menagerie have essentailly trained on navigation in shallow waters and man over board, with recovery time which are similar day or night. The Léopard Class vessel are drafting 3.65 meters.

After all guests left, I have been invited to stay a little longer on board Le Chacal, to talk about SeaFi Port of Cork, the first wireless habour, to a small group composed of engineers and commanding officers. SeaFi raised a lot of interest, the current equivalent in France is 3G which does not have all the advantages of SeaFi private network. It is also well known that 3G and 4G are less resilient at sea, mostly due to the fact it was never invented in the first place for sea going communications. One of the Commanding Officer also commented on the fact SeaFi Horizon would be extremelly useful once outside the roadstead of Brest. We talked about the technicalities of SeaFi and I hope it will be possible one day to present SEA-Tech's work in Marine Data Communication to the prestigious Ecole Navale on Naval Base of Lanvéoc-Poulmic.

With 1,500 students trained each year by 270 military personnel and 30 civilians, the Naval Academy has developed its international relations through the creation of partnerships with foreign naval and military academies and major maritime universities: semester-long exchanges with European, American and Japanese naval academies, as well as the final project (PFE) are two strong points in the officer-cadet curriculum. A growing number of doctoral candidates and foreign researches are hosted at IRENav. German, Spanish, American and British naval officers are also integrated into the management team.

SEA-Tech's team is very grateful for the hospitality on board Chacal today, and we would like to thanks all the personel on board all three vessels, Jaguar and Panthere as well as the services of Ataché Naval in London and Madame le Consul de France in Cork, for facilitating this unique moment of seamanship exchange today.


SeaFi Sentinel Castal station is a complexe system of datacommunication station coupled with sensors such as cameras or weather stations providing an exact reading of wind gusts at a particular point on a navigation channel.

SPIKE SEA Tech Spike East 2015 05 18 10 16 25

BE Panthere passes Spike Island on way to Rochespoint

SeaFi Sentinel Coastal Station in Fort Mitchel

Rochespoint CAM 2 2015 05 18 10 27 43

BE Chacal passing Rochespoint lighthouse on her way back to France

SeaFi Sentinel Coastal Station in Rochespoint



Written by : Arnaud Disant