London here we come...

IMG 1899After several weeks of preparationIMG 1895 and a long journey from Ireland we have made it to London toward the end of the day. The Ireland Pavillion in London ExCel - OCEANOLOGY 2016 is really looking good... We have on display some databuoys, precision mechanics, anchoring systems and of course Marine Data Communications, so if you see SeaFi around the corner in the next couple of days, feel free to stop for a chat...

SeaFi Horizon is a new inshore data communication system based on microwaves, it has been used successfully in several projects and in Ireland over the past three years.

With SeaFi Horizon and SeaFi Dockside, SEA-Tech helps The Port of Cork Company to efficiently operate and protect the second-largest natural harbour in the world. Reliable, secure, realtime communications provided by SEA-Tech are an essential element of the port operations.

SEA-Tech integrated ICT architecture can provide positional information for vessel movements, container/cargo location as well as port infrastructure locations such as mobile cranes.

Port of Cork Company, utilising Sea-Tech ICT infrastructure, has created the efficient SMARTPORT network and won in 2015 the award for best technical inovation from the maritime industry.

Instant communication and realtime video monitoring of the Port across the SEA-Tech infrastructure
provides detailed safety and security information.

In the next couple of days we will have great stories to tell to our visitors on stand A500 about maritime technology, big data, the future of maritime communications...



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Written by : Arnaud Disant