First day on the field...

Today was my first day working on the field, it was a great experience that made me think how important is the maintanance and management factor in Marine ICT.

Sea-Tech tackled a very ambitious project a few years ago, deliver access to computer networked resource on board vessels around Cork Harbour without using satelite or mobile phone technology. Computer networked resource assets can take the shape of an IP Camera, a thermal sensor or a weather station for example. The data produced by each asset is useful for navigation planning, security on ships etc... Spike Island host a SeaFi coastal relay station and maintenance is required sometime to time.

Bright and early this morning, I went on Spike Island with a SEA-Tech senior engineer to do some maintenance on the station and verifying the network signal between Spike Island and Rochespoint (another Sea-Tech relay station) was optimum. While we were at it, we have cabled another Spike Island`s office, we have also checked the security, Spike was once a fort and then a prison, so it's hard to get in and even harder to get out!


b2ap3 thumbnail Spike Island

Spike Island - royalcork.com

As an Engineer Student the field work represents the achievement and practice of the learning that I had in college, it's a great opportunity to increase and develop skills in tangible jobs.

Jonathan Borges Carmo.

Intern at Sea-Tech Evolution Limited.

Written by : SEA-Tech Evolution