Marine ICT Lecture at Centre Europeen de formation Continue Maritime (CEFCM)

pilot christine gale

Tuesday March 10th, SEA-Tech will deliver a presentation in CEFCM in Concarneau (France) to marine professionnals. It will mainly focus on Marine Information Communications and Technology and SEA-Tech's technical response to technical challenges at sea.

Featuring what is now called Marétique in France, we will show case Cork harbour and the work we have delivred in Ireland for Port of Cork with support from the Irish Naval Service and several other key players of the marine industry sector in Ireland. We hope it will be of interest for people in France to get to know Ireland a bit more, several slides will showcase Cork harbour the first BIG DATA Harbour in Ireland. The Irish Maritime Energy Research Cluster (IMERC) will be also presented as a commercial cluster and a place to meet entrepreneurs with marine innovation on their mind!

CEFCM is a cross over between BIM and NMCI, over 28000 people in France have trained in CEFCM since it was first created in 1998 it offers a wide range of courses from marine safety to radar, fire safety, electro technology and even foreign languages...


Photo: Safehaven Marine, Interceptor pilot boat during gale storm Christine in Dec - Jan 2013 (F. Kowalski)

Written by : Arnaud Disant