Conundrum or patch panel?

cab4Who said IT does not have to be complicated? On Saturday, while all enjoyed the sun at cab3Statistical Solutions I endeavoured to tidy up the patch panel. One after another, contractors have worked on this patch boards, the isdn phone lines, the PABX, firewall, wifi access point, server, and the result was waow... I am the only one who never worked on the panel and I take pride into my work. I probably never left a messy cabinet behind. The reason is simple, troubleshooting a dishevled cabinet will take longer than pining down the cause of a problem in a well kept colour coded cabinet.

cab2Not so long ago after SensL moved in their new premises in Cork Airport BP I was commissioned to wire the office and perform some minor  improvements to the LAN after the previous tenant had torn appart the cabinet to keep the patch panels and the switches. A few month ago, when I took over PFH the IT maintenance in Statistical Solutions I thought I'd probably spend more time troubleshooting than I would spend rewiring the whole cabinet. Mary Byrne and Brendan Nyhan decided that it was better done over a WE and after procuring the hardware, we decided to have a go at it over the WE.

I first took note of the PABX wiring scheme and I also downloaded the intalation manual. In my experience the lads who install them rarely seave behind a set of note. Maybe they should, in times like ours, the difference is in details, the extra mile! Then I disconnected and removed all the LAN cables, they were of all colours and length, in such way that the cabinet had cab1more to do with a yarn of whool than a communication panel. Hopefully the PABX was probably untouched since it was installed and the cables all of the same colour.

The communication cabinet, is the one part of the IT system infrastructure few business owners in my experience dare explore. I would not blame them for it. It's not that it is complicated really, but as I said before contractors after contractor it is usually made an undocumented mess. Unless you feel you can wire your cabinet from ground to hatic your cabinet should be left untouched.

Bottom line, with a few hundred euros, a bit of patience, puzzle skills and Fix-I.T. touch, Statistical Solutions' LAN exchanges are now boosted tona speed of 1000 mb per second, thanks to twenty-four 10/100/1000 Mbps auto-sensing ports automatically detecting optimal network speeds. Next week an extra 24 ports will be added, first for expansion but also for backup. The switch was supplied by CSIreland, with a lifetime warranty and so is my work...

Monday first hour I will liaise with eQ-Tel in Blarney to get a better understanding / documentation of the installation of the IP-LDK20,..

Written by : Arnaud Disant