meteo france

Right to left: Patrick Shadeck (Meteo France), Willy Larsonnier & Arnaud Disant (SEA-Tech) 

Today, SEA-Tech and METEO FRANCE (Patrick Shadeck) have been exchanging views on weather forcasting and technology. We often forget that weather forecast is an important element of landing a plane on an airstrip or a ship along the quaywall. SEA-Tech, leader in Marine ICT, or should we rather use the french specific terminology of Maretique, has build experience over the years in delivering remotely data from weather stations in hostile environement. Patrick Shadeck, first officer at Beauvais Airport Meteo France Weather Station gave our staff a very comprehensive introduction to weather forcasting and Meteo France regional operations. The friendly atmosphere at METEO FRANCE and most importantly the reputation of Madame Shadeck's pancakes have now reached the coasts of Ireland as a definite contribution to science ... 

Written by : Arnaud Disant