Bye bye TS Empire State


SEA-Tech wishes farewell to the crew of TS Empire State as they set to sea today passing Fort Camden at 11.00hrs. Over a hundred cadets have been using our SeaFi Dockside public access point in Cobh over the past few days to keep in touch with friends and family proving SeaFi has seriously improved over the past six months crew welfare in Cork harbour...

Each summer Empire State VI is activated for a 90 day training voyage. Students in the Regiment of Cadets operate the vessel for a Summer Sea Term as part of their training requirements. The vessel sailed on 12 May 2014 for the ports of Philadelphia, PA; Baltimore, MD; Tenerife, Canary Islands; Cobh in Ireland; Copenhagen, Denmark; and Lisbon, Portugal before returning to New York.

Empire State VI is currently under the command of SUNY Maritime College alumnus Captain Richard S. Smith who is also the Commandant of Cadets at the Maritime College.

With twenty years of service to the Maritime College, the ship holds the record as the longest serving power-driven vessel ever used by the school. She is expected to remain in use through at least 2014.

SEA-Tech has promoted Marine Communication Information Technology (CIT) for the past 7 years in Ireland. Established by a handful of IT technologists, SEA-Tech is based in the National Maritime College of Ireland since 2012. We have designed SeaFi a microwave based maritime data communication system with a view to improve marine wireless data communication in ports and withing 20 kilometers range of the coasts of Ireland. It facilitates the installation of access points on quays which in turns can help seafarers keeping in touch with their family sometime thousands of miles away.

Nowadays several million men and women live their professional life in the twilight world of seafaring, which mostly includes shipping, fishing, cruising, energy and defence staffs. It's very often a lonely life. They sometime roam the world's oceans for up to 12 months at a time. They come from more than 100 different nations and speak dozens of languages.




Written by : Arnaud Disant