Working with the Fanurio lads from Romania

fanurio-logoIt's been a few weeks now since I am working with Nicolae Cismaru in Fanurio. Trying to contribute to what I am tempted to call a master piece of programing for the sole trader and SMB community. See, Fanurio works on Mac, Linux and Windows, this way it does not matter if you have made the strategical decision to go one or another route when you've started your business. Fanurio is a great time tracking software. This year it helped us increasing our revenue, not leaving any time un-invoiced behind after a project was closed and billed. It also helps with reconciliation and soon it will help

us with a catalogue feature in preparation. If it works I will keep helping Nicu for a bit, it is nice to see a development team working with the people on the ground... It's a true breath of fresh air!


If you are struggling with invoicing your time and effort, just make contact, I have been through all this myself and I probably can now give a few pointers with regard to Fanurio...

Written by : Arnaud Disant