Minister Coveney, meet Polaris S360... From SEA-Tech

Minister Coveney supports SeaFi

We all have worked around the clock so our colleagues from IMERC Dr Val Cummins and Dr Martin Wall would take one of our Ship Station to the Our Ocean Wealth 1st Annual Conference held today in Dublin Castle.  


Roddy our production manager was first on deck Tuesday morning so POLARIS would be ship-shape-ready...


Designed to send data back to shore from a ship or a buoy in range of SeaFi Horizon network, our antenas can be used by public authorities or private bodies, for security or in environmental project. Monitoring wave or wind energy device, sending to shore information about waves height or water temperature. We hope they'll be soon found in fish and seaweed farming just as well as wind farms. 

Today's conference in Dublin, focused on the promotion of growth and jobs, providing a forum for the State, in association with the marine community, to review progress in implementing Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth: An Integrated Marine Plan for Ireland.

Addressing the conference today, Simon Coveney, TD, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine outlined the significant progress made to date in implementing the Government's 2012 Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth: An Integrated Marine Plan for Ireland.


The Minister said "today's event brings together some of the most important figures in the Marine sector, and places it firmly in the spotlight as an industry with a significant economic and social contribution to make. It provides us with an opportunity to take stock of what has been achieved since Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth was published and to consider how to meet future opportunities and challenges".


Our colleague Dr Martin Wall from IMERC captured this image at the conference, Minister Coveney has been an active supporter of SeaFi project. A few month ago, he spent ninety minute in private conversation with SEA-Tech Engineer Arnaud Disant discussing new technologies and how SeaFi and Succorfish VMS could help building a clear maritime picture (CMP)


CMP is absolutely vital for a country like Ireland who’s landmass is largely based on oceans. Land area (sq. km) in Ireland was last measured at 68890 in 2011, according to the World Bank. Land area is a country's total area, excluding area under inland water bodies, national claims to continental shelf, and exclusive economic zones. In most cases the definition of inland water bodies includes major rivers and lakes. With an economical exclusion zone up to 200 NM Ireland can play a key role in Europe's maritime sector.


In concluding his Address, Minister Coveney said that "HOOW has had some early successes in terms of implementation of the early actions identified in the plan but we must not underestimate the significant challenges which lie ahead. We can now finally envisage a potential golden era for Ireland's marine sector and today's conference is both timely and relevant in contributing to the pathways ahead towards a vibrant marine economy".

The Conference is the first annual review of the Plan and was attended by over 400 delegates from the public and private sector with an involvement in the marine sector and one SeaFi S360 antenna called Polaris…

Written by : Arnaud Disant