MARITIME SECURITY: Collision Avoidance System

Sea-based commerce and trade transport accounted for 99% of the total volume (45 million tonnes) and 95% of the total value (€128 billion) of the goods traded (imports/exports) in Ireland in 2010. Therefore, Irelands Sea Lines of Communications including harbour channel traffic are critical to our existence in Ireland. Millions of tons of cargo on ocean-going ships pass through major shipping channels that spans the length of port’s waters.


These large cargo ships are difficult to manoeuvre, especially in narrow channels, and so they pose safety risks to recreational boaters in smaller vessels.

Taking all necessary steps to stay safe and avoid collisions is the responsibility of ships owners. Large vessels, carry radars, AIS, and a lot equipment to be seen and heard. Kayaks, currach, punts, small ribh are often invisible to large containership and bulk carriers. SEA-Tech worked with the Port of Cork Pilots and Succorfish to promote asset trackers. 


During the 2014 version of the ocean to city rowing event we have equipped a skiff with a Succorfish SC2 tracer, the results are really surprising...

Reporting each minute during the whole race, SEA-Tech sponsored crew composed of Mike Griew (Skytec Ireland) and Gerry Sutton (CMRC) have been transponding their position for several hours from Crosshaven to Cork city.


Powered with a Lipo battery the SC2 unit was specailly cabled as a portable unit, but the same type of equipment could be permanently mounted on any small craft, rowing shells, canoes, dinghies etc... Using Succorfish tracking systems is simple. Once the unit is fitted, clients are given a unique identity number and password which enables access to a secure, online graphical user interface website. Here, users can track each asset live on screen via Google Maps, and access other advanced features. This includes real time tracking, interval reporting, speed data and obtain a running log by date, time or location.
Other features include geofencing whereby users can see if an asset has breached its preset boundaries, time of occurance and its course, emails can be triggered automatically.


geofence name

date entered

date exited

Albert Quay 31/05/2014 16:34 31/05/2014 16:36
Custom Quay 31/05/2014 16:33 31/05/2014 16:34
Tivoli docks 31/05/2014 16:04 31/05/2014 16:07
Jack Lynch 31/05/2014 15:51 31/05/2014 15:53
Marino point 31/05/2014 15:18 31/05/2014 15:20
Monkstown 31/05/2014 14:53 31/05/2014 14:58
Spit Bank 31/05/2014 14:21 31/05/2014 14:22
Currabinny Pier 31/05/2014 11:02 31/05/2014 13:50


The image below shows in a restricted web interface, Betsy, our skiff with two men on board, it is clearly identifiable and visible to any pilot on the bridge of a cargo heading to Tivoli dock or the Customs quays in Cork city. This system can work anywhere in the world fo a cost similar to a decent chart plotter and certainly cheaper than a search party. 

 Screen Shot 2014 05 31 at 17.19.39

In previous occurence of the ocean to city race, if a crew retired without warning the committee, a search party would be organised. Using a tracing device can save considrable amount ot time and efforts and maybe in the 2015 version of the Ocean to City more SC2 asset trackers will be seen.



Written by : Arnaud Disant