Something "HOT" in the air...

Middle watch 0000-0400 - First bell...  Today as I was unsure about the exact explanation of why we were receiving so many radiowaves in provenence of the Celtic Sea, on Saturday, I've decided to prove Cicero right one more time and I when meeting one of my student (Ian B.) who teaches Radio Communications in NMCI. 


As it happens with easterly wind and lots of sun heating France and the UK during the day like a giant radiator a lot of hot air pushed by the wind has acted like a super amplifier on our radiowaves. Duct effect caused by temperature inversion has boosted the AIS VHFradio signal to our antenna in Rochespoint.


Tonight as the temperature of the air on the ocean is much colder the radio signal in Roches Point Lighthouse we are getting is more or less what it should normally be.


Written by : SEA-Tech Evolution