PoE Texas in Cork Harbour

IMG 2114

 Merchant Tug Gerry O'Sulllivan - Port of Cork - Ireland

Retrofitting on a ship is in most cases a nightmare for any marine electronics engineer. There is usually no documentation, no space, and few ships have actually been built to date with computer networking in mind... Our chief Engineer  spent a day at sea last week with two shipmates running 30 meters of cable on a large ferry. Wireless is a nice thing, but guess what, ships are mostly made of steel, and radio-waves can’t travel through it. Besides, there is one thing a decent CAT6 will do that radio-waves or optical fibre will never achieve… It will also conduct very well DC currents, and this is key on a ship because running two cables (power and data) is a double nightmare.

Hopefully our friends in PoE Texas have designed great injectors, 12 to 48 volts are our favourite and one of the tugs in Port of Cork has been completely retrofitted. I guess it’s the first “smart tug” in Ireland with a capacity of 150 megabytes throughput ship to shore, internet connection on board, access to Port of Cork systems including reporting tools. Sensors on board, but also access points and cameras are taking advantage of PoE Texas solutions. In fact along the line we have become experts in designing PoE networks and we are also retailing injectors in our show room in Cork…

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Written by : SEA-Tech Evolution