My Internship at SEA-Tech

JcFHello everybody, my name is Jean-Christophe and I am on board with Sea-Tech Evolution Ltd. I just completed three months of Internship, as a sales & administration Intern. Each single day of these three months has been very intense and instructive. Never a dull moment at SEA-Tech said Levente Laposi a former intern in the company. It has been since our internship program's tag line...

Upon my first week, I had the opportunity to work with SeaFi Horizon on the Tug “MT Gerry O'Sullivan” with Arnaud, Will from SEA-Tech and also Steven from Port of Cork. It was my first opportunity to fully grasp Sea-Tech solutions and how our clients are interacting with them in real life.

Then I went to Port of Waterford with our Engineer to commission and test their newly installed SEA-Tech Evolution Dockside. It was very interesting to understand the interaction between the different components of SeaFi Dockside.

My first month overlapped with the relocation to our new premises near the airport. It has a nice new large open space where we will be able to welcome soon new interns from all over the world.

I am learning new things about business development, products but it is not all. Our CTO is a Lecturer at the National Maritime College of Ireland, two years ago he was presented with the Excellence Award for his contribution to the ETO course. Yup sea geeks have their course too... and Marine ICT is a vast uncharted territory. So as you can impagine we also have a very decent ICT course, part of the internship. Believe you me, it's not for the heart fainted, since I am not exactly a techie, I've had to do a lot of personal research on my spare time. But I went through it, like a personal achievement... and I am very proud of it.  It's very helpful to understand the basics of marine ICT engineering, electricals, electronics and telecommunications, in my line of duty.

Will and JcWill and me in the Merchant Tug Gerry O'Sullivan 

At the end of May I went with the team to work in Port of Rosslare where we are starting a SeaFi Horizon project. It could be soon, the third smartport in Ireland ! Another great experience was to meet with the crew of MS Stena Horizon during our sea going tests. Once of us wrote we now had 55 friends in Atlantic ocean, and this is largely true. When you are given the opportunity to help people living a normal connected life, you really feel proud of your job !

So at the end, all this made me very aware. There is a world out there, and we are all mostly ignorant of it. Seas cover more than seventy percent of the globe and there are people working out there. I have learnt about their issues, the rules of security and the complexity to work in a changing  hostile environment.

Sea-Tech is a pioneer in Sea communications technology and networks, a unique field of expertise; I am contributing to the development of a growing company, it's a challenging and demanding experience!

Keep tuned Folks, I'll keep you posted with news from the bridge...

Written by : Jean-Christophe Faivre