SeaFi Dockside - Port of Cork

jeo in ringaskiddyWhat a week, for the past few days, Jorge and Arnaud have worked non stop in Ringaskiddy deep water berths on our SeaFi Dockside station. It's always impressive to work near a containership. Did you know that sea-based transport are accounted for 99% of the total volume (45 million tonnes) and 95% of the total value (€128 billion) of the goods traded (imports/exports) in Ireland. It is hard to imagine that the 55 meters cranes buzzing above our heads, all week, are such vital contributors of the Irish economy.

Few ICT people get to wear hard hats and work boots while using a laptop, and maintaining a database in fact with Marine ICT we also get to wear a lifejacket, even a survival kit while using our laptops some time on a rib with the Irish Naval Service... For Jorge who just started in SEA-Tech, the departure of a large containership, was certainly a spectacle worth remembering. For the next three month, Arnaud will be mentoring Jorge who decided to come to Ireland from Spain to learn Marine ICT in SEA-Tech. In his first week on the job, Jorge has already been working on IMG 1637MV Denis Murphy with SEA-Tech ETO Engineer. Earlier this year SEA-Tech was awarded excelence in maritime education, our internship program gives people a chance to practice marine electronics and telecommunication in the first wireless harbour (Smartport). SeaFi Horizon, in operation in Cork for the past 2 years has really changed quite a few things... Firstly our tugs are connected and able to send a retrieve big data. Rochespoint lighthouse is the first lighthouse used to relay data up to 15 nautical miles at sea. Cobh, Ringaskiddy and Tivoli terminals are equipped with SeaFi Dockside stations, allowing visiting crew to connect to the internet.

The dockside stations in Cobh, Tivoli and Ringaskiddy have been used by over 4000 visitors since the beginning of the year, exclusively by seafarers. SeaFi Dockside is an internet hot spot for seafarers visiting Cork on board merchant or defense vessels from all over the world. Endless hours of communications between friends and relatives sharing gigabytes of information. Satelite communications are too expensive and too slow to be expended with crew. Phone roaming is often unafordable for crews. Dockside is a viable alternative.  Dockside in Ringaskiddy is used by Maersk crew each week, in Cobh where most cruise liners stay at the cruise terminal, you will often see crew members calling home using the SeaFi Port of Cork network access point. To us SeaFi Dockside is a vital element of the Port of Cork telecommunication system because it allows crew to keep in touch with their friends and family at home...

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Written by : Willy Larsonnier