FAMOS: A Worthy Successor to Orlaco's Success Story

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The AMOS compact camera from Orlaco is designed for the premium market. This robust camera can be used on all types of vehicle, from forklift trucks to container ships. Orlaco has now developed this success story further and has made changes to the design. FAMOS has emerged as a worthy successor. The redesign of the hardware and a new housing have enhanced the camera's resistance against electromagnetic interference, and have improved its reliability even further. With the FAMOS, Orlaco has reached an even higher class for its compact cameras.

Smart and Compact Design
The new FAMOS cameras are characterized by hardware enhancements. The redesign has reduced the number of parts, which has increased the reliability of the camera further. This has allowed the camera to achieve the highest EMC standards. With its advanced CMOS sensor, the camera has a light sensitivity of 0.05 lux. The new lens in this camera has heated glass as standard, with a special hard coating to prevent scratches.

Waterproof Housing
The FAMOS camera is filled with a dual-component automotive filler, meaning that the camera is completely sealed. The FAMOS is therefore guaranteed to be waterproof. Even water vapor and dust are unable to penetrate the camera. Thanks to this construction, the camera has improved resistance against shock and vibrations. The housing is made of high-quality industrial plastic, which is resistant to dirt and aggressive fluids. The camera orientation can be adjusted precisely using a mark in the housing. The item number, angular aperture and other marks are printed using laser technology. The FAMOS is available with the following lens angles: 170°, 129°, 118°, 102°, 80°, 60°, 40° and 20°.

More Information
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Written by : Arnaud Disant