This is now exactly two years since I started surveying the Aran Islands with my backpack in a desperate search for a place to build a scientific mobile research station. Highwave is not a conventional research project with a few sensors deployed and swiftly recovered to retrieve a set of data that a group of scientific can digest it over a decade. It's a long term research project with real time cloud data of all kind and countless hours of supercomputer calculation bolted to the edge of a cliff... Two years and a pandemic later, there are several ways to look into Highwave

2021 06 17 at 12.30.21Highwave

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Marine ICT is a complete science. Originating from marine electrics and electronics, it requires a solid seamanship education and a strong foundation of ICT, both hardware and software. It also requires a good knowledge of physics and an innate sense for observing and understanding natural maritime and weather phenomena. In the Maritime industry, the Radio Officer (RO)/Master Radio Electronics Officer (MREO) can also hold the STCW Endorsement of ETO.

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Scientific applications of marine data communication

Belfield campus.
I was privileged today to deliver a short lecture to the students of Professor Dias in UCD. It was totally unprepared and probably I should not use the term lecture as presentation is probably more appropriate. The term presentation has a commercial connotation which was not intended in this case  . Beside, when a presentation is designed to educate, then it is a lecture in its own right. Belfield campus in Dublin is far from my dear Naval College in Cork, where a new Marine ICT lab is taking shape in preparation for next semester. When I say

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Almost six hours busing and 2 hours flying from our Cork base to RITTAL's HQ, in the heart of Germany, where our smart cabinets are made.

Noel Maloney and Charmene Walker from Rittal Ireland are my guides for this journey. They explained to our group that Rittal is part of the Loh Group, 54 subsidiary sites , 18 global production sites and annual revenue of around $2 billion. All figures I had heard about without taking the true measure of it before today. Rittal is the leading company, and supplies enclosures, climate-control technology, power distribution gear and IT infrastructure… They
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Merry Christmas

Today well over a million men and women live in the twilight world of big shipping (Source SCFS). They are responsible for most of the goods you will be consuming over the Christmas season. It's a lonely life. They don't get to spend Christmas with the family. They roam the world's oceans for up to 12 months at a time. They come from more than 100 different nations and speak dozens of language. For most of them accessing the internet is synonym of keeping in touch with the family.

This year we have worked with Port of Cork, Rosslare and

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Rittal partnership

If you are familiar with Electric the magazine (and website) for the Irish Electrical Industry you will have probably noticed Rittal Ireland has announced a partnership with SEA-Tech Evolution. Building on each other's reputation the two companies have a lot to share. But what does it means practically… to our customers?

Automation, Sensing & Monitoring: 
Specialising in network infrastructure both ashore and afloat, we have delivered innovative, secure, often bespoke ‘total solution’ projects, in the maritime as well as terrestrial environments. Automation Systems extends Rittal’s comprehensive range of solutions for panel building and switchgear engineering – from manual tools to fully automated mechanical engineering

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Recently at the National Maritime College of Ireland open day 2017, Nautilus International magazine challenged the next generation of seafarers with this very simple question: "Would the amount of Internet access affect your decision to work at sea?" An obvious yes brought us to the conclusion we are on the right path... We would like to take this to the next level with a series of polls. Our first one will help understanding the situation on board ships. If you are a seafarer, if you have been working at sea in the past couple of years, we'dlike to hear about you...

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Nautilus polling - NMCI OPEN DAY 2017


The National Maritime College of Ireland (NMCI) Open Day 2017 will be remembered. With 850 visitors, we hardly got time for a coffee with colleagues from NMCI, Port of Cork, CIL, Coast Guards, INS, etc…

Each year since 2013, SEA-Tech has been privileged to represent the marine electrical and electronic industry among heavyweights of the shipping and cruise industry. It was at first a bit overwhelming but year after year we have made friends in each organisation, so now it’s more like the annual fair down the road. Also, having taught

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Peace after the storm

It's been some week, hopefully we don't get it too often... Ireland completely shaken out is returning to work there are still trees hanging of the wires in the streets. Power has not yet resumed in some places, our technical support kept operating during the gale and we recorded some minor incidents here and there but no physical damages in Port of Cork, Port of Waterford, Rosslare Europort... Rochespoint lighthouse SeaFi C180 radio station has resisted the assault of the wind and the impact of strong waves... Spike Island "Bastion 5" thanks to the support of our friends from Cork

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ms stena horizonMS Stena Horizon crew welfare powered by SeaFi

For the past three months, the crew of MS Stena Horizon is involved in a ship to shore experiment designed to dramatically improve crew welfare on board ferries across Europe.
SEA-Tech Evolution is developing SeaFi as an alternative to Satellite and Long-Term Evolution (LTE) a.k.a. 3G/4G with a view to improve IoT on board ships. SeaFi is already available in three major ports in Ireland - Cork, Waterford and Rosslare. With support from Stena and Rosslare Europort, SEA-Tech has equipped MS Stena Horizon with state of the art long distance wireless communications.

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airconeDavis is releasing Aerocone, more accurate than normal collectors it can be retrofitted on Davis Vantage Pro 2. Improved design is more accurate in strong winds! When your console says, “hold onto your hat” you’ll be getting the most accurate data with this cone! the new shape allows wind to flow around the cone, reducing turbulence and friction at the mouth of the collector.

All NEW Vantage Pro2 weather stations come with the improved rain collector! Call us to eplace your old rain cone with the new improved design offering greater accuracy in strong wind conditions.

Visit our website for more infornation

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IMG 1899After several weeks of preparationIMG 1895 and a long journey from Ireland we have made it to London toward the end of the day. The Ireland Pavillion in London ExCel - OCEANOLOGY 2016 is really looking good... We have on display some databuoys, precision mechanics, anchoring systems and of course Marine Data Communications, so if you see SeaFi around the corner in the next couple of days, feel free to stop for a chat...

SeaFi Horizon is a new inshore data communication system based on microwaves, it has been used successfully in several projects and in Ireland over the past three

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Personalised banner 300x60SEA-Tech Evolution is delighted to announce that, as part of the ’The Entrepreneur Ship’ booth in the Ireland Pavilion, we will be exhibiting at Oceanology International 2016, London ExCel, 15-17 March 2016. Come and visit us and the other exciting, innovative companies at the Ireland Pavilion – stand A500, close to the Networking Lounge – and see the latest technologies and developments Ireland has to offer in Marine ICT.

“The Oceanology International event offers the world’s leading forum where industry, academia and government share knowledge and connect with the marine science and ocean technology communities.” – OI 2016



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spec cam mar

Orlaco offers camera-monitor vision solutions for all tugboats, fishing vessels, inland vessels, dredging vessels and platform supply vessels. Our camera systems are developed with a view to improving safety, efficiency and comfort.

Good and comfortable visibility is essential for safety on our waterways. With the aid of an Orlaco camera system, the operator can detect safety issues straight away so that he can act accordingly to prevent emergencies from happening. Orlaco cameras and monitors enable operators to carry out precision work, such as maneuvering and hoisting and dredging operations, more safely and more efficiently.

More information

The brochure contains all

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 Screen Shot 2016 01 28 at 11.33.38

The AMOS compact camera from Orlaco is designed for the premium market. This robust camera can be used on all types of vehicle, from forklift trucks to container ships. Orlaco has now developed this success story further and has made changes to the design. FAMOS has emerged as a worthy successor. The redesign of the hardware and a new housing have enhanced the camera's resistance against electromagnetic interference, and have improved its reliability even further. With the FAMOS, Orlaco has reached an even higher class for its compact cameras.

Smart and Compact Design
The new FAMOS cameras are characterized

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video surveillance

Last week SEA-Tech conducted an advanced workshop on Network Video Surveillance in France. HiPerLAN and video surveillance have been one of SEA-Tech's most prominent work for the past few years. Delivering high definition images over long distances on land and at sea. On the photo above our colleague Willy Larsonnier is pictured configuring ICRealtime PTZ camera in Chambly. The camera is located at the top of a bell tower and the surveillance control station was setup for the occasion on a stage in support of a charity (Telethon). Over the course of two days we have learnt a great deal

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SEA-TEch has a special interest for tugs. Unlike other ships their mighty engine power allow other ships out of port and sometime out of trouble too. They generate large amount of information and can supply the research community with real time data.  The Nikolay Chiker below is presented on youtube towing the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov in stormy weather somewhere off the bay of Biscay in February 2012. This video had been availlable on the Russian social media but was only recently posted on youtube. We chose it as a way to illustrate the terms ICT in hostile environement during

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Who are ETO on ship? If you are a frequent flyer on SEA-Tech's technoblog this question will certainly not strike a chord. But if you are just passing by, maybe I will convince you to stay a little longer on our website...

By now many of us know that Ship's Engineers are responsible for operating the propulsion plants and support systems on board crew, passengers and cargo seafaring vessels or other watercraft. But who are ETO's?

On a ship people belong to the below deck or the above deck (deckies) familly. Yet there is a caste of people, who

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