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SeaFi is an alternative to satelite and celullar connectivity at sea. Taking advantage of the latest breakthrough in marine wireless data communications ships can be retrofitted with microwave technology to take advantage of broadband coastal communication up to 20 nautical miles from the coast. It makes it the ideal network infrastructure for port authorities, renewable energy, law enforcement, etc... For the past five years our company has contributed to the development of SeaFi an opensource approach to maritime wireless data communications based on consulting... Ships, buoy, wave energy converters equiped with SeaFi are part of what we call a Wireless

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IMG 4521Sea-Tech Evolution Ltd. is a Cork based company specialising in maritime communications. It will formally establish this week the record for the longest wireless internet communication at sea, using it’s on-house bespoke developed SeaFi communication system which is far more capable than land based systems such as 3G or 4G at sea.

There are currently two possibilities to send/receive communications at sea: satellite, or cellular systems such as the 3G used by your mobile phone. SeaFi offers a new third option.
In a few lines, here is what it is, and why this record is important.


SeaFI in a

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SEA-Tech has been invited to Germany by Rittal to visit the 4.0 smart plant. So for the next couple of days we will be posting on the technoblog a series of articles on marine electrics and electronics. Some ideas to be used on all size projects... keep tuned!!

Rittal produces enclosures, climate-control technology, power distribution gear and ICT infrastructure. Since 2017, SEA-Tech and Rittal have joined force to support the marine industry, and this is good news for your projects !

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National Maritime College of Ireland - OPEN DAY 2017


The annual National Maritime College of Ireland - Open Day will take placeI on Thursday, 26th October 2017 from 10:00 to 15:00 and this year again, SEA-Tech will be representing Marine Electricals and Electronics... So if you have a nack for marine tech, this is the place to be... A SEA-Tech marine ICT Engineer will be present on our stand all day to answer questions both on Marine ICT and Electro Technical Officer on board ships as a carreer path.

Representatives from international shipping companies and maritime organisations will be

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 Merchant Tug Gerry O'Sulllivan - Port of Cork - Ireland

Retrofitting on a ship is in most cases a nightmare for any marine electronics engineer. There is usually no documentation, no space, and few ships have actually been built to date with computer networking in mind... Our chief Engineer  spent a day at sea last week with two shipmates running 30 meters of cable on a large ferry. Wireless is a nice thing, but guess what, ships are mostly made of steel, and radio-waves can’t travel through it. Besides, there is one thing a decent CAT6 will do that radio-waves

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As part of the development of the Port of Waterford, the Irish based company SEA-Tech Evolution has installed and successfully trialled their bespoke marine wireless ICT network at the Belview port, a multi-layered infrastructure to support future connectivity needs. Online from Q2 of 2017, this progressive development makes Waterford Irelands newest SmartPort, providing further expansion possibilities for the full Waterford Harbour and river Suir area.

The Port of Waterford, a connected and strategically located multi-modal port serving the South-East and East coasts has a strong tradition of leading the way in maritime developments to improve the conditions for seafarers, employees, delivery

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Middle watch 0000-0400 - First bell...  Today as I was unsure about the exact explanation of why we were receiving so many radiowaves in provenence of the Celtic Sea, on Saturday, I've decided to prove Cicero right one more time and I when meeting one of my student (Ian B.) who teaches Radio Communications in NMCI. 


As it happens with easterly wind and lots of sun heating France and the UK during the day like a giant radiator a lot of hot air pushed by the wind has acted like a super amplifier on our radiowaves. Duct effect caused

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SEA-Tech Evolution exporting MADE IN IRELAND expertise

Cork based company SEA-Tech Evolution, Ireland's marine ICT infrastructure solutions provider, has successfully been awarded its first international contract for 2016, for the provision of combined wireless HiPerLan in France. Utilising its proven technologies from the Port of Cork SMARTPORT solution, SEA-Tech Evolution designed a bespoke solution for use by the municipal authorities including the police and emergency services for the French town of Ittiville. In a contract worth close to half a million euros, work is now commencing on the delivery and installation of the accepted solution to create the first SMARTCITY network solution. This ambitious project demonstrates that

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The National Maritime College of Ireland (NMCI) Open Day will take place on Thursday, 22 October ‘15 from 10:00 to 15:00.Philip Wharton, Irish Independent, presents the Innovation in Marine Technology Award to Capt. Paul O’Regan and Capt. Michael McCarthy, SeaFi Horizon - Port of Cork Company and SEA-Tech Evolution. SEA-Tech, an active member of the Irish Maritime Community, several time awarded for Excelelnce in Educations, Innovation in Maritime Technology is carrying high the colours of NMCI.

Throughout the day there will be:
Tours of the Sea Survival Centre, Bridge B Simulator, Electrotech area, Chart Room, Engineering Workshops and Engine Room Simulator.
An Events’ Hall to visit the maritime companies and organisations.
There will be presentations in the Lecture Theatre.
The Coast Guard PR trailer, Jeep and Boat will

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Over 200 guests were in attendance at the inaugural Maritime Industry Capt Paul OReganAwards, on Thursday 18th June at the Ballsbridge Hotel, Dublin 4. Minister Coveney gave a powerful speech. Guests from the maritime industry recognising the most original and innovative companies, projects or individuals who demonstrate excellence in the Irish maritime sector. SEA-Tech, nominated twice won two awards:

Innovation in Marine Technology Award
SeaFi Horizon: Port of Cork Company and SEA-Tech Evolution for their joined efforts on bulding the first wireless harbour

Excellence in Maritime Education & Training Award
Marine Data Network: SEA-Tech Evolution (Arnaud Disant) for the work on Marine

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Today, a team of Sea-Technicians returned to Roches Point in order to reinstall the camera that we had removed to repair a short while ago. It was the first time that Jonathan, the new intern, travelled to the lighthouse located at the entrance of Cork Harbour. Furthermore he had never been in this kind of building, so it was very surprised with all. Jonathan is a Brazilian chap who is studying Energy Engineering in CIT, in Cork.

The first part of the morning Jonathan and I had to configure in the National Maritime College’s wet lab the setup of the

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Rochespoint lighthouse was established in june 1817, to guide ships to Cork Harbour, it is located in the entrance of Cork Harbour and gives a great view of the Atlantic Ocean.


Lighthouse from the Swansea- Cork ferry – Peter Newbold – geograph.org.uk

This almost 200 years old lighthouse, unfortunately, is losing its first purpose, with the advent of gps systems (ECDIS), large vessels, have much less needs for lighthouse, making them fall in disuse.
Sea-tech have been using Rochespoint LightHouse as a station to broadcast SeaFi signal up to 30 kilometers from the coast, SeaFi allows buoy, ships and

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Today, a team of Sea-Technicians returned to Roches Point in order to reinstall the camera that we had removed to repair a short while ago. It was the first time that Jonathan, the new intern, travelled to the lighthouse located at the entrance of Cork Harbour. Furthermore he had never been in this kind of building, so it was very surprised with all. Jonathan is a Brazilian chap who is studying Energy Engineering in CIT, in Cork.

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Photo above: Jonathan and I inside the Roche's Point Lighthouse


The first part of the morning Jonathan and I

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Today was my first day working on the field, it was a great experience that made me think how important is the maintanance and management factor in Marine ICT.

Sea-Tech tackled a very ambitious project a few years ago, deliver access to computer networked resource on board vessels around Cork Harbour without using satelite or mobile phone technology. Computer networked resource assets can take the shape of an IP Camera, a thermal sensor or a weather station for example. The data produced by each asset is useful for navigation planning, security on ships etc... Spike Island host a SeaFi coastal

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Today, I did my first fieldwork, and the destination was Roches Point lighthouse. To get there it took almost one hour (from NMCI) so I had a lot of time to enjoy the scenery.

We checked on the electronic research equipment in the lighthouse. It’s located at the entrance of Cork Harbour. The first light is dated, 4th of June in 1817, but it’s only in 1970 that Rochespoint was converted to electric, before it used an oil lamp system and a Fresnel lens, that’s still visible today, it’s almost 150 years old!

Roches Island

Photo above: Entrance to Cork

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I studied Technical Engineering in Computer Management in Spain. I arrived to Cork in March to do a three months internship. Here in SeaTech, we deliver all sorts of Marine ICT solutions including private marine wireless data communication. In other words we provide data exchange capabilities for seagoing projects. I have to admit, I would never have imagined before it could be a problem. Sending email is something so natural, on land, nowadays, I never thought before of a person who works in a port, a harbour or simply on a vessel, may ever need to connect to Internet. Once

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mv denis murphyA project that has allowed the Port of Cork to precisely monitor and record the winter program of seabed ploughing in real time for the first ever time is being delivered by Succorfish in partnership with Irish marine communication specialists SEA-Tech.

The groundbreaking exercise, which is being carried out aboard a utility vessel working to lift sediment from the port seabed into the water column and back out to sea, sees live, up-to-the-minute and highly valuable location data transferred back to officials instantly in real time. And, given its success, it is anticipated that it could change the way future

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I have "served my tour of duty" with SEA-Tech from 2008 to 2010. First of all I am very gratefull to my former colleagues in SEA-Tech. When I talked to Arnaud and he asked me to write a testimonial I was really happy, because I think the years when we worked together it was a very nice and successful time. I have been thinking a lot of the challenge of writting the story in not too many words, due to the lots of things that I learnt and experienced back then.
I joined to the company in 2008 after I

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