Internship in Sea-Tech

I studied Technical Engineering in Computer Management in Spain. I arrived to Cork in March to do a three months internship. Here in SeaTech, we deliver all sorts of Marine ICT solutions including private marine wireless data communication. In other words we provide data exchange capabilities for seagoing projects. I have to admit, I would never have imagined before it could be a problem. Sending email is something so natural, on land, nowadays, I never thought before of a person who works in a port, a harbour or simply on a vessel, may ever need to connect to Internet. Once you have removed from the equation satellite technology and mobile phones, there isn’t much left to send an document from a ship to shore… SeaTech really solve a communications deficit, for many who are working at sea.

rochespoint entrance

Photo above: Entrance to Cork harbor from Roche's Point lighthouse

For several weeks, I have contributed to the realisation of video clips highlighting the solutions developed by SEA-Tech. It will be used in future presentations; helping potential customers and people in general, to understand why data exchanges are important for the future of maritime operations. My duties also involve looking after the tech-support email, doing lite administrative tasks or assisting in the installation of the company products or checking the proper functioning of the products installed in Cork’s port and harbour.