Euro Maritime & Euro Waterways

On the worldwide trade show circuit all those involved in the European sea and waterway economy now have their own specific professional event in Paris.

Euromaritime focuses on the worldwide marine economy and issues of interest to decision-makers, influencers, buyers, sellers, project managers and contractors from all over the world.

Following on the resounding success of the first edition, the second edition of Euromaritime will see the creation of an event dedicated to the inland waterway sector: Eurowaterways which is of particular interest to SEA-Tech France (Willy Larsonnier).

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Tailor-made conferences and workshops for the industry’s principle concerns will set the pace for the two trade shows attended by SEA-Tech’s Engineer in Paris (3-4-5 February 2015).

At SEA-Tech we believe Euromaritime is the ideal forum for us to exchange ideas, showcase our own know how and experience of building wireless infrastructure for harbour authorities.

We will be advocating SeaFi Horizon our long distance wireless data communication solution, Vessel Monitoring System (VMS), Navigation aid Vision System (NVS)but also Ireland as an island country resolutely turned toward oceans and technology…