Good luck KAPPA

Kappa is the first SeaFi S360 ship station installed aboard a naval vessel in Ireland. Named after Kappa Crucis Cluster, in the constellation Crux our new ship station will be used to offload "big research data" from P52 LÉ NIAMH. Near real time data (NRTD) is highly valuable to scientists from universities around Ireland.


P52 KappaLÉ NIAMH left the naval base of Haulbowline a few weeks ago with Kappa rigged on her port side after a series of tests operated in February 2014 where the ship went through some force ten gale off the south coast of Ireland. 


Attending the Irish Maritime Forum on September 26th, Commodore Hugh Tully FOCNS, discussed with Dr Brian Ward about research collaboration and the benefits of SeaFi. This collaboration is made possible under the IMERC program. 


Three public bodies University College Cork, the Cork Institute of Technology, and the Irish Naval Service have embarked on a bottom-up approach to public sector transformation. This is being achieved via reorganisation within the respective organisations, and via strategic collaboration across them.


This tripartite alliance, which forms the core of IMERC, are working to provide researchers, technology developers, companies (especially SMEs like SEA-Tech) and investors with the critical tools to build value creating relationships, to make alliances and supporting infrastructure more accessible and effective in the maritime and energy sectors.