Levente Laposi talks about intership in SEA-Tech

I have "served my tour of duty" with SEA-Tech from 2008 to 2010. First of all I am very gratefull to my former colleagues in SEA-Tech. When I talked to Arnaud and he asked me to write a testimonial I was really happy, because I think the years when we worked together it was a very nice and successful time. I have been thinking a lot of the challenge of writting the story in not too many words, due to the lots of things that I learnt and experienced back then.
I joined to the company in 2008 after I worked for big multinational company. First I spent one month as a trainee in the company and after that month it was clear to Arnaud and also for me we could work very well together. I also realised during the month this is a good chance for me to gain my IT and business skills. So I joined to the company as a full time contractor. In that time we were delivering our services to many different clients in Ireland. The Marine IT was already part of the company and it was a department led by Arnaud. I was part of the daily business together with Arnaud, sometimes from early mornings till late nights. We had so many projects together, including several office moves from one location to another. We did system integrations, changes, maintenance and so many another interesting projects. Due to the amount of the customers, we were always busy with something and we never had dull moment! Believe or not it was not all about the money we really enjoyed each and every projects or troubleshooting that we completed for our customers.
Cutting the long story short, in these two years I learnt not only about IT, but also a lot on the business side. I learnt how to drive a business, how to get new customers any how to keep them (do not forget in this time we had the global economy crash and so many businesses just closed). Proper customer service and serving 100% their needs was always one of the strongest requirements in the company. All the skills that I gained in that time I am still using it each and every day. Without being part of that SEA-Tech I would not be the same in my corporate or even in my private life.
I would recommend SEA-Tech to anyone who really wants to learn about Marine ICT and business in the same time. Anyone eager to learn will gain skills which cannot be just learnt everywhere else.
Since I have resigned from SEA-Tech I often thought about that decision and I am sure if I would not have decided to relocate abroad I probably would still be working together with the SEA-Tech crew. I wish SEA-Tech a lot of success in the future as well! Best regards, Levente Laposi