Induction to Sea-Tech - An Intern's view

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My name is Jorge, and I have recently begun my telecommunications internship with Sea-Tech. As a Spanish student, my aim is to improve my english as well as my telecommunications knowledge. I will be writing articles for the techno-blog, charting my progress and experiences, both technical and non-technical. Having started two weeks ago, it has been an intense learning process for me, covering a wide variety of technical and life skills. As part of my introduction to the work of Sea-Tech, I accompanied the Chief Technical Officer, and internship director, Arnaud Disant on a visit to the Port of Cork tugboat 'Denis Murphy' to inspect and test the Sea-Tech 'Sea-Fi' equipment onboard. We had to test the equipment internally and also on the mast, the various cameras that are fitted, and the system security features.
Working in the marine environment requires many skills, not just technical knowledge. Safety onboard vessels and working on boats makes Sea-Tech telecommunications more interesting and fun to learn. Having spent a day onboard, I will have a greater awareness when we return for the next routine inspection and maintenance. As an introduction, I learned about safety on boats, working in compacts spaces, wireless security arrangements and testing procedures for installed equipment.

(Edited prior to publication as part of the english development program)

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