The 183rd steps...

CoastalStaWe are setting up a few new SeaFi coastal stations in Cork Harbour, the SeaFi Horizon network allow vessels equipped with S360 antennas to get a wireless data signal from the Cork Buoy outside the harbour all the way to Ringaskiddy but in a couple of month, it will extend to Tivoli Dock.


The wireless radio  signal delivers to the bridge of ships in range, a flow of information, such as wind direction, temperature, wave-height, or IP camera images, we have located around the harbour over the past few months.

SeaFi Horizon can also be connected to the internet, with a view to deliver internet connectivity to the crew on board emails or documents. SeaFi solves a communication deficit for:
•    Port authorities
•    Naval Services
•    Commercial shipping
•    Offshore oil/gas industry
•    Fishing fleet
•    Customs & Coastguard
•    Ferry companies
•    Alternative energy enterprises- wind, tidal, wave

Ringaskiddy Deep Water Berth is our latest addition to the SeaFi Horizon network in Cork harbour. Located over 70 meters above the sea level, it takes a few minutes to reach the coastal station, and a climb of 183 steps. When completed this station will link together to upper harbour to the lower harbour. Ship sailing inbound will be able to stay connected all the way up to Tivoli dock from the Cork buoy located outside the port south of Roches  Point…