SEA-Tech exporting Irish know how to France

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SEA-Tech's expertise helps system integration, an IP camera, a remote weather station, emails, etc are only valuable to us if we can reach them from a distant place... Who would need a weather station to know the weather above his head?

SEA-Tech's engineers are about to end a new HiPerLAN feasibility study. In the next few month we will be deploying another large High Performance Radio LAN (HiPerLAN) in France this time... For our team on the field it's the end of a long summer spent climbing water towers and burning roof tops, making radiometric tests, assessing line of sight (LoS), sketching plans and writing endless pages of reporting. Tools are an important part of our surveys, range finding is not only used for sharp shooting. SEA-Tech's survey team is composed of two field engineers, a network designer and a spotter. For us spotting is a way to assess the height of a tree, a building, anything which may cause later issues with wireless communications. The foliage of tree can during the summertime destroy a wireless radio link. Why in the summer, well because the leafs of a tree are mostly composed of minerals and water (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, silica, phosphorus, ash, carbon, and nitrogen). Water has a tendency to absord microwaves, so when a wireless radio link travels through the canopy of a tree, some of the radio signal is degraded... So we need to now how tall are the trees do shoot our wireless link well above the trees, silo, cranes, ships anchoring or along the keywalls.


We take pride in a perfectly engineered radio link. In the case of surveillance cameras degraded signal is simply unaceptable since crucial images might get lost. Our TP200 X is a laser rangefinder measuring distances and heights with acuracy to a few centimeters. The in-scope data display with 7x power optics giving enough magnification to spot a target at 1200 meters. The bright Red LED display is perfect for low light measurement conditions and really sunny days too. SEA-Tech's TP200-X has a Bluetooth module that is compatible with iOS devices as well as Android and windows mobile. We use it a sea too since range finding from the deck of a yacht is a task of the utmost difficulty. In my opinion rangefinder and a handheld thermal camera should be on all yachts. Those of us who faced once an MoB situation will probably agree... 

We use the TP200-X to assess masts instalation. Most crew, ship owners, engineers can tell the height of the mast on their ship only few can tell the height of the stays The missing line routine is incorporated into all trupulse models. The trupulse 200x Series missing line routine is a 2D measurement. Taking 2 shots to remote targets Calculates the distance and inclination values between those 2 remote targets. The trupulse 200x laser rangefinder has onboard Solutions that will calculate a height or clearance value of any target, under the most challenging conditions and also has built-in targeting modes for closest, farthest, continuous and filter/reflector. Having superior optics and in-scope data display, you'll always be confident you are capturing the right measurement to the correct target.

Next week we will be back on the field and our job will involve geographic information system (GIS), rangefinging, bit of hicking and a solid bit of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP) not for the heart fainted, life at 25 meters above the ground cand be somehow let's say...exiting...


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