Rittal partnership

Rittal partnership

If you are familiar with Electric the magazine (and website) for the Irish Electrical Industry you will have probably noticed Rittal Ireland has announced a partnership with SEA-Tech Evolution. Building on each other's reputation the two companies have a lot to share. But what does it means practically… to our customers?

Automation, Sensing & Monitoring: 
Specialising in network infrastructure both ashore and afloat, we have delivered innovative, secure, often bespoke ‘total solution’ projects, in the maritime as well as terrestrial environments. Automation Systems extends Rittal’s comprehensive range of solutions for panel building and switchgear engineering – from manual tools to fully automated mechanical engineering we probably have what you are looking for… For more information contact us

Enclosures & power supply:
The award winning SeaFi solution has been using Rittal enclosures since its early development. There's no wonder why! The compact enclosure AE has an incredible success story, with more than 25 million units already in use around the globe. This impressive figure alone proves that there must be a lot more to the AE than just a compact enclosure or wall-mounted enclosure. No matter what size, material or shape there are Rittal enclosures to match your needs… Perhaps you have a project in mind? Just ask for our catalog!

ICT Infrastructure:
Our society’s ability to collect and analyze data is evolving at an exponential rate. We collect vast quantities of data every second and the real challenge is to deliver it on time, where it matters most. Products such as SeaFi are fully integrated with Rittal solutions. Specialising in network infrastructure both ashore and afloat SEA-Tech can also design custom made ICT Network Infrastructure systems.

Rittal's 316L stainless steel enclosures are designed to survive in harsh environments under the most demanding conditions. They are particularly well suited for the marine environment but also  for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and agri-food industry applications.

RittalToday, "Rittal – The System." offers a perfectly coordinated system platform. It unites innovative productions, pioneering engineering solutions and global service to accommodate the most diverse requirements. It caters to a whole host of industries, from machinery and plant engineering, to the automotive & marine industries, through to information technology.

This partnership is good news for your projects. Let us know how we can help...