My work experience at Sea-Tech

Bianca 2My name is Bianca Gedorio and I’m a college student in Cork College of Commerce, studying Computer Science. For two weeks, I am working for Sea-Tech.

I began my internship/work experience, as a technical support junior technician, on the 15th January and I enjoyed the amazing learning experience! Arnaud Disant, the Chief Technical Officer, has taught me a wide range of knowledge in both technical and life skills in a span of just two weeks!

For example, he showed me how radiowave works, like inside an antenna, and use it to create solutions on how to improve communications and data transmissions to a secure network on a ship at sea and an office on land.

I learned how optical fibers are made and how it can be more effective to use than copper wire. The benefits of using optical fibers are the speed of transmission (how fast data is sent and received) and distance (how far can the signal transmit between two antennas) by which it outperforms the copper wire.

Another technical skill I acquired is the crimping of cables and it is a skill that is necessary as I will be dealing with cables in the future. I find it quite simple, handy and enjoyable to do.

As part of the experience, I've observed Arnaud working, not just inside the workshop, but also out in the field.

Overall, these past two weeks have been amazing! During this experience, it changed my perspective of what I want to do, career wise. My only regret is that I only spend two weeks with them.

Nonetheless, I would recommend their internship program to anyone who is interested in Information Technology and Marine Technology!

(Edited prior to publication as part of the english development program)