Electro Technical Officer graduation

Today the National Maritime College of Ireland graduated the first ever group of Electro Technical Officers. Having spent the past ten years of my life advocating Marine ICT, I have never felt so proud in my life. Nominated to the Maritime Industry Awards, for Excellence in Maritime Education & Training Award, SEA-Tech actively contributed to the design and delivery of the Marine ICT module included into the Bachelor of Engineering in Marine Electrotechnology.

Their name are Mohamed, Aaref, Hussain, Ishaq, Adnan, Fares, Shane, Jim, Daire and Sinead and we wish them the very best for their career at sea. Ian Black is the course coordinator, and a fine lecturer, he once trained with SEA-Tech too. This course is one of the first of it's kind, Information & Communications Technology has become so important on a ship, we at NMCI have decided it should be part of the instruction modules from year one.

datacom 2015

By the end of their training students will have learnt to describe how networks function, including packets, components, protocols and the Open System Interconnection (OSI) reference model. They also learn to build a LAN using hardware components, particularly using marine based technology such as SeaFi (SEA-Tech) systems. Trained to the "fine art of troubleshooting" tey are well able to identify ethernet networking issues, key nodes on a LAN with a view to use command-line interface and GUI to configure equipments on a ship.

On completion of Year 2, students partake in work placement at sea for a minimum of 9months in a 14-month period, it's as real as it gets...

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