JcFHello everybody, my name is Jean-Christophe and I am on board with Sea-Tech Evolution Ltd. I just completed three months of Internship, as a sales & administration Intern. Each single day of these three months has been very intense and instructive. Never a dull moment at SEA-Tech said Levente Laposi a former intern in the company. It has been since our internship program's tag line...

Upon my first week, I had the opportunity to work with SeaFi Horizon on the Tug “MT Gerry O'Sullivan” with Arnaud, Will from SEA-Tech and also Steven from Port of Cork. It was my first opportunity

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ms stena horizonMS Stena Horizon crew welfare powered by SeaFi

For the past three months, the crew of MS Stena Horizon is involved in a ship to shore experiment designed to dramatically improve crew welfare on board ferries across Europe.
SEA-Tech Evolution is developing SeaFi as an alternative to Satellite and Long-Term Evolution (LTE) a.k.a. 3G/4G with a view to improve IoT on board ships. SeaFi is already available in three major ports in Ireland - Cork, Waterford and Rosslare. With support from Stena and Rosslare Europort, SEA-Tech has equipped MS Stena Horizon with state of the art long distance wireless communications.

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IMG 1090In 2016, in a green village in France called Saint Germain, some technicians from SeaTech came from the Emerald Isle to build a smart village system. It was a large network construction and when came the moment to power their devices to the smart box, technicians wondered what kind of magic would provide data and power both in a single connection cable.
The solution came from Texas, WifiTexas more specifically. Thanks to their POE injectors the green giants from SEA-Tech would help the villagers and plenty of sensors and cameras were powered, saving endless runs of useless electrical wire… Good

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IMG 2114

 Merchant Tug Gerry O'Sulllivan - Port of Cork - Ireland

Retrofitting on a ship is in most cases a nightmare for any marine electronics engineer. There is usually no documentation, no space, and few ships have actually been built to date with computer networking in mind... Our chief Engineer  spent a day at sea last week with two shipmates running 30 meters of cable on a large ferry. Wireless is a nice thing, but guess what, ships are mostly made of steel, and radio-waves can’t travel through it. Besides, there is one thing a decent CAT6 will do that radio-waves

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As part of the development of the Port of Waterford, the Irish based company SEA-Tech Evolution has installed and successfully trialled their bespoke marine wireless ICT network at the Belview port, a multi-layered infrastructure to support future connectivity needs. Online from Q2 of 2017, this progressive development makes Waterford Irelands newest SmartPort, providing further expansion possibilities for the full Waterford Harbour and river Suir area.

The Port of Waterford, a connected and strategically located multi-modal port serving the South-East and East coasts has a strong tradition of leading the way in maritime developments to improve the conditions for seafarers, employees, delivery

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airconeDavis is releasing Aerocone, more accurate than normal collectors it can be retrofitted on Davis Vantage Pro 2. Improved design is more accurate in strong winds! When your console says, “hold onto your hat” you’ll be getting the most accurate data with this cone! the new shape allows wind to flow around the cone, reducing turbulence and friction at the mouth of the collector.

All NEW Vantage Pro2 weather stations come with the improved rain collector! Call us to eplace your old rain cone with the new improved design offering greater accuracy in strong wind conditions.

Visit our website for more infornation

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Middle watch 0000-0400 - First bell...  Today as I was unsure about the exact explanation of why we were receiving so many radiowaves in provenence of the Celtic Sea, on Saturday, I've decided to prove Cicero right one more time and I when meeting one of my student (Ian B.) who teaches Radio Communications in NMCI. 


As it happens with easterly wind and lots of sun heating France and the UK during the day like a giant radiator a lot of hot air pushed by the wind has acted like a super amplifier on our radiowaves. Duct effect caused

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SEA-Tech Evolution exporting MADE IN IRELAND expertise

Cork based company SEA-Tech Evolution, Ireland's marine ICT infrastructure solutions provider, has successfully been awarded its first international contract for 2016, for the provision of combined wireless HiPerLan in France. Utilising its proven technologies from the Port of Cork SMARTPORT solution, SEA-Tech Evolution designed a bespoke solution for use by the municipal authorities including the police and emergency services for the French town of Ittiville. In a contract worth close to half a million euros, work is now commencing on the delivery and installation of the accepted solution to create the first SMARTCITY network solution. This ambitious project demonstrates that

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Hello everyone, my name is Lorena, I just finished my Marine Engineering degree last year and one week ago I started working for Sea-Tech as an intern. I will be collaborating on various projects going on at the moment in the company until June.

These first days, I have had the initial contact with the work that Sea-Tech carries out at Port of Cork and their future projects and aims.
On my first day, Arnaud took me on a tour around National Maritime College of Ireland and showed me all their installations. It was great having the chance to see

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IMG 1899After several weeks of preparationIMG 1895 and a long journey from Ireland we have made it to London toward the end of the day. The Ireland Pavillion in London ExCel - OCEANOLOGY 2016 is really looking good... We have on display some databuoys, precision mechanics, anchoring systems and of course Marine Data Communications, so if you see SeaFi around the corner in the next couple of days, feel free to stop for a chat...

SeaFi Horizon is a new inshore data communication system based on microwaves, it has been used successfully in several projects and in Ireland over the past three

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Personalised banner 300x60SEA-Tech Evolution is delighted to announce that, as part of the ’The Entrepreneur Ship’ booth in the Ireland Pavilion, we will be exhibiting at Oceanology International 2016, London ExCel, 15-17 March 2016. Come and visit us and the other exciting, innovative companies at the Ireland Pavilion – stand A500, close to the Networking Lounge – and see the latest technologies and developments Ireland has to offer in Marine ICT.

“The Oceanology International event offers the world’s leading forum where industry, academia and government share knowledge and connect with the marine science and ocean technology communities.” – OI 2016



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spec cam mar

Orlaco offers camera-monitor vision solutions for all tugboats, fishing vessels, inland vessels, dredging vessels and platform supply vessels. Our camera systems are developed with a view to improving safety, efficiency and comfort.

Good and comfortable visibility is essential for safety on our waterways. With the aid of an Orlaco camera system, the operator can detect safety issues straight away so that he can act accordingly to prevent emergencies from happening. Orlaco cameras and monitors enable operators to carry out precision work, such as maneuvering and hoisting and dredging operations, more safely and more efficiently.

More information

The brochure contains all

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 Screen Shot 2016 01 28 at 11.33.38

The AMOS compact camera from Orlaco is designed for the premium market. This robust camera can be used on all types of vehicle, from forklift trucks to container ships. Orlaco has now developed this success story further and has made changes to the design. FAMOS has emerged as a worthy successor. The redesign of the hardware and a new housing have enhanced the camera's resistance against electromagnetic interference, and have improved its reliability even further. With the FAMOS, Orlaco has reached an even higher class for its compact cameras.

Smart and Compact Design
The new FAMOS cameras are characterized

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IMG 1673On Friday 11th December, after some strong winds and rain, Arnaud and I visited the Sea-Fi installation on Spike Island, a small island at the center of Cork Harbour. Although it is only a short distance from the Sea-Tech office in Ringaskiddy (less than two kilometers in a straight line) we had to take two boat trips to get there. First we drove to Cobh via the cross-river ferry. Then having checked all our tools, test equipment, and spare parts, as possible replacements on the installation, we took the passenger ferry from Cobh to Spike Island. Before we

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video surveillance

Last week SEA-Tech conducted an advanced workshop on Network Video Surveillance in France. HiPerLAN and video surveillance have been one of SEA-Tech's most prominent work for the past few years. Delivering high definition images over long distances on land and at sea. On the photo above our colleague Willy Larsonnier is pictured configuring ICRealtime PTZ camera in Chambly. The camera is located at the top of a bell tower and the surveillance control station was setup for the occasion on a stage in support of a charity (Telethon). Over the course of two days we have learnt a great deal

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IMG 20151201 150844p

My name is Jorge, and I have recently begun my telecommunications internship with Sea-Tech. As a Spanish student, my aim is to improve my english as well as my telecommunications knowledge. I will be writing articles for the techno-blog, charting my progress and experiences, both technical and non-technical. Having started two weeks ago, it has been an intense learning process for me, covering a wide variety of technical and life skills. As part of my introduction to the work of Sea-Tech, I accompanied the Chief Technical Officer, and internship director, Arnaud Disant on a visit to the Port of Cork

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SEA-TEch has a special interest for tugs. Unlike other ships their mighty engine power allow other ships out of port and sometime out of trouble too. They generate large amount of information and can supply the research community with real time data.  The Nikolay Chiker below is presented on youtube towing the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov in stormy weather somewhere off the bay of Biscay in February 2012. This video had been availlable on the Russian social media but was only recently posted on youtube. We chose it as a way to illustrate the terms ICT in hostile environement during

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jeo in ringaskiddyWhat a week, for the past few days, Jorge and Arnaud have worked non stop in Ringaskiddy deep water berths on our SeaFi Dockside station. It's always impressive to work near a containership. Did you know that sea-based transport are accounted for 99% of the total volume (45 million tonnes) and 95% of the total value (€128 billion) of the goods traded (imports/exports) in Ireland. It is hard to imagine that the 55 meters cranes buzzing above our heads, all week, are such vital contributors of the Irish economy.

Few ICT people get to wear hard hats and work boots

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The National Maritime College of Ireland (NMCI) Open Day will take place on Thursday, 22 October ‘15 from 10:00 to 15:00.Philip Wharton, Irish Independent, presents the Innovation in Marine Technology Award to Capt. Paul O’Regan and Capt. Michael McCarthy, SeaFi Horizon - Port of Cork Company and SEA-Tech Evolution. SEA-Tech, an active member of the Irish Maritime Community, several time awarded for Excelelnce in Educations, Innovation in Maritime Technology is carrying high the colours of NMCI.

Throughout the day there will be:
Tours of the Sea Survival Centre, Bridge B Simulator, Electrotech area, Chart Room, Engineering Workshops and Engine Room Simulator.
An Events’ Hall to visit the maritime companies and organisations.
There will be presentations in the Lecture Theatre.
The Coast Guard PR trailer, Jeep and Boat will

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