Some recent interests from industry leaders, has conducted our team to perform reconnaissance work with a view to deliver soon a technical survey on the mediteranean coast of France. SeaFi Horizon already delivers in Cork harbour fast connectivity to databuoys, ships and port operations... Feeds from cameras, weather stations, VMS can be delivered where it matters, when it matters, privatly and efficiently.

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antonio in RPSEA-Tech's team is growing up, Antonio Fernandez from Galicia (Spain) is doing his intership with SEA-Tech, joining the long series of people who came from, Hungary, Brazil, France, UK and of course Ireland to learn Marine ICT with SEA-Tech in Ireland.

Antonio comes from A Coruña a place well known to all who once, sailed south from Ireland (Read our article on STY Creidne). He is tuning well into the universe of the prestigious National Maritime College of Ireland. Antonio's duty will involve technical support and some multimedia projects... 

His is pictured on the left during his first intervention

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meteo france

Right to left: Patrick Shadeck (Meteo France), Willy Larsonnier & Arnaud Disant (SEA-Tech) 

Today, SEA-Tech and METEO FRANCE (Patrick Shadeck) have been exchanging views on weather forcasting and technology. We often forget that weather forecast is an important element of landing a plane on an airstrip or a ship along the quaywall. SEA-Tech, leader in Marine ICT, or should we rather use the french specific terminology of Maretique, has build experience over the years in delivering remotely data from weather stations in hostile environement. Patrick Shadeck, first officer at Beauvais Airport Meteo France Weather Station gave our staff a very

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On the worldwide trade show circuit all those involved in the European sea and waterway economy now have their own specific professional event in Paris.

Euromaritime focuses on the worldwide marine economy and issues of interest to decision-makers, influencers, buyers, sellers, project managers and contractors from all over the world.

Following on the resounding success of the first edition, the second edition of Euromaritime will see the creation of an event dedicated to the inland waterway sector: Eurowaterways which is of particular interest to SEA-Tech France (Willy Larsonnier).

Screen Shot 2015 02 02 at 18.26.32

Tailor-made conferences and workshops for the industry’s principle concerns will set the

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I've had the pleasure and the honour to meet briefly Alex Thomson the Skipper of HUGO BOSS the fastest man in the UK to sail single handedly non-stop around the world in the totally unsane Vendée Globe race. Stuart Hosford (5West) manager of the winning HUGO BOSS 60 racing boat, did a very nice introductory speech at the Annual IMERC 2014 conference. While speaking about Marine ICT with Minister for Marine Simon Coveney, a man in an elegant casual blue and grey sportswear turned up. Alex Thomson in the flesh, caught me of guard, as I was expecting

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Kappa is the first SeaFi S360 ship station installed aboard a naval vessel in Ireland. Named after Kappa Crucis Cluster, in the constellation Crux our new ship station will be used to offload "big research data" from P52 LÉ NIAMH. Near real time data (NRTD) is highly valuable to scientists from universities around Ireland.


P52 KappaLÉ NIAMH left the naval base of Haulbowline a few weeks ago with Kappa rigged on her port side after a series of tests operated in February 2014 where the ship went through some force ten gale off the south coast of Ireland. 


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ISA LogoISA Ireland Section

The International Society of Automation (ISA) Ireland has invited SEA-Tech's principal Arnaud Disant to give a talk titled "Development of Wireless Communications in Cork Harbour".  The talk will take place at 7pm, 17th September at Rochestown Park Hotel  in Douglas, Co CORK.  Should you wish to attend you can register online directly at http://bit.ly/1CsV2Po 


The International Society of Automation is a nonprofit organization that helps its 30,000 worldwide members and other automation professionals solve difficult technical problems, while enhancing their leadership and personal career capabilities.

The Ireland Section, which is voluntary with a

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SEA-Tech wishes farewell to the crew of TS Empire State as they set to sea today passing Fort Camden at 11.00hrs. Over a hundred cadets have been using our SeaFi Dockside public access point in Cobh over the past few days to keep in touch with friends and family proving SeaFi has seriously improved over the past six months crew welfare in Cork harbour...

Each summer Empire State VI is activated for a 90 day training voyage. Students in the Regiment of Cadets operate the vessel for a Summer Sea Term as part of their training requirements. The vessel sailed

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Minister Coveney supports SeaFi

We all have worked around the clock so our colleagues from IMERC Dr Val Cummins and Dr Martin Wall would take one of our Ship Station to the Our Ocean Wealth 1st Annual Conference held today in Dublin Castle.  


Roddy our production manager was first on deck Tuesday morning so POLARIS would be ship-shape-ready...


Designed to send data back to shore from a ship or a buoy in range of SeaFi Horizon network, our antenas can be used by public authorities or private bodies, for security or in environmental project. Monitoring wave or wind energy device, sending

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Sea-based commerce and trade transport accounted for 99% of the total volume (45 million tonnes) and 95% of the total value (€128 billion) of the goods traded (imports/exports) in Ireland in 2010. Therefore, Irelands Sea Lines of Communications including harbour channel traffic are critical to our existence in Ireland. Millions of tons of cargo on ocean-going ships pass through major shipping channels that spans the length of port’s waters.


These large cargo ships are difficult to manoeuvre, especially in narrow channels, and so they pose safety risks to recreational boaters in smaller vessels.

Taking all necessary steps to stay

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Screen Shot 2014 05 28 at 19.45.23

Henrique de Boer is an  student with Cork Institute of Technology from Brasil. But for us in SEA-Tech he is a well qualified colleague, actively contributing to the SeaFi project in Cork harbour. He follows a long tradition of technicians and engineers who learnt their professionnal skills in SEA-Tech. Their names are Camille, Antoine, Valerian, Philip, Peter, Levente...

Never a dull moment in SEA-Tech, it is actually Levente Laposi who coined this expression! It is true a student in SEA-Tech has never spent long making photocopies or filling papers. Instead we board ships, work on quays, trawlers, islands, lighthouses... Learning

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Here she comes… early start in Cork harbour, the first liner of the year has arrived, 69,130 tons of luxury carrying up to 2,074 passengers. Its facilities include a golf course, a theater and cinema, a solarium, two pools, a spa, a fitness center, a 2 story dining room called the Romeo & Juliet, the Windjammer Cafe, 4 themed bars, a shopping center, a piano bar, an observation center, and even a rock-climbing wall. During the winter period the ship is based at Fort Lauderdale for Caribbean cruises. In the summer period in 2014 she'll offer cruises to Northern Europe where she

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celtic-voyager-seafiThese days, we've been working aboard RV Celtic Voyager. It reminded me those eight millimetres movies my dad used to play for us, "le monde du silence". RV Calypso was a former British Royal Navy minesweeper converted in the 50's into a research vessel for the oceanographic researcher Jacques-Yves Cousteau, equipped with a mobile laboratory for underwater field research. It has been been a model for marine researchers around the world for decades.


calypsoDid you know former MP, Thomas "Loel" Guinness bought Calypso in July 1950 and leased her to Cousteau for a symbolic one franc a year. He

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CoastalStaWe are setting up a few new SeaFi coastal stations in Cork Harbour, the SeaFi Horizon network allow vessels equipped with S360 antennas to get a wireless data signal from the Cork Buoy outside the harbour all the way to Ringaskiddy but in a couple of month, it will extend to Tivoli Dock.


The wireless radio  signal delivers to the bridge of ships in range, a flow of information, such as wind direction, temperature, wave-height, or IP camera images, we have located around the harbour over the past few months.

SeaFi Horizon can also be connected to the internet, with

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Sounding of ship's bells and whistles is part of the life of aship, in the history and tradition of the maritime industry, time keeping has a long tradition. In fact, when you cannot sea out there, time could drive the ship, submarine navigation relied for years on a good chronometer and charts... Dead reckoning is the process of calculating one's current position by using a previously determined position, or fix, and advancing that position based upon known or estimated speeds over elapsed time and course. Easier said than done believe me... Nevertheless time is key on a ship and since the

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mv denis murphyA project that has allowed the Port of Cork to precisely monitor and record the winter program of seabed ploughing in real time for the first ever time is being delivered by Succorfish in partnership with Irish marine communication specialists SEA-Tech.

The groundbreaking exercise, which is being carried out aboard a utility vessel working to lift sediment from the port seabed into the water column and back out to sea, sees live, up-to-the-minute and highly valuable location data transferred back to officials instantly in real time. And, given its success, it is anticipated that it could change the way future

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L-R: Karyn Morrissey, University of Liverpool; Paul Butler, Enterprise Ireland; Arnaud Disant, Sea-Fi / SEA-Tech; David McDonald, Sea-Fi, Donagh Buckley, EMC; and Gillian Keating, Cork Chamber of Commerce. Credit photo: Navy Press Office

Around 2005, having learnt my trade (messaging) in ISOCOR for a few years, I started going around coining the terms Marine IT which soon became Marine ICT as communications are now part of Information Technology (IT). Needingless to say the idea of sending an email at sea at the time sounded ludicrous to most seafarers. People kept telling me it would not work, a computer would never float. I

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Over the summer we kept talking about Bruno Sroka and his incredibly daring France to Ireland crossing under a kite surf using nothing but the wind and his incredible courage to cross the seas. After a few month of work we are glad to announce Bruno has released a brand new website.

Now fully availble in English as well as French, Bruno's new website also talks about Ireland...

Visit Bruno's new website


We are big fans of Bruno's photos and we are trying to get Bruno back to Ireland soon (on a plane this time). Don't forget to bookmark: http://www.brunosroka.com/

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Eight bells, end of the middle watch...20130903 061814

Today started bright and early (04:00hrs), Stephen Hyde the circum navigator keeps reminding me a good day should always start with a walk, it freshen up the mind and gets the body in motion. The image of a skipper walking the cockpit from port to starboard and back is somehow amusing. Since he once had me scrubbing decks with fresh water in the middle of Atlantic, the amusement never last long, combat ships have treadmills and cruiseliners fully equiped gymnasiums. Stephen probably did many deckwalks during the 1083 days he travelled around the

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