gerryOWhile most of the week was spent with the Irish Navy preparing LE Orla for next week sea trials of SeaFi, today we have connected M.T. Gerry O'Sullivan to the Port of cork SeaFi network.


A day aboard a tug is always a treat if you have the mind of an engineer. At first sight a tug is designed to pull and that's about it. But it does far more than just that... Pulling, pushing, firefighting, rescue, salvage, they can do it all. To gain the services of a pilot, vessels in and out Cork harbour must contact

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6 to 36 volts and nothing else... 

Fisheries in the UK monitoring


Succorfish is one of the world's leading tracking companies and works closely with SEA-Tech in Ireland and worldwide leading authorities to develop and manufacture intelligent, cutting edge asset tracking systems and data transfer technology.


For the next six months Port of Cork will be testing SC2 VMS aboard MV Denis Murphy. This morning under a lashing rain, SEA-Tech Engineer Arnaud Disant and Port of Cork Electrician, Steven Hogan, installed an SC2 monitoring device aboard Denis Murphy with a view to monitor the next

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Video clip featuring the very first images captured by our new motion sensor triggered camera on Spike Island.

Today, with help from Cormac Gebruers from Halpin Centre for Research & Innovation (NMCI), Frank and Michael (Cork Co Co) on Spike Island, Billy and Bart aboard Bryan J two of our projects went live. First a weather station located 50 meters above the sea level in the very middle of Cork Harbour, which I believe will be soon a strong resource for the local yachting community and second another marine surveillance camera pointing toward the oil terminal, three more are

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I share my office with two great guys, former SAR helicopter pilot who started a little while back the first UAV training centre in Ireland at the very heart of the National Maritime College of Ireland. UAV stands for Unmaned Aircraft Vehicle. Each time we partner on a trade show or a public event and we start presenting Skytec and SEA-Tech (despite the IMERC family resemblance the two company aren't related) people look at Steve & Mike with great interest, because we now all know what a drone is. But when I start talking about Marine Data Communication all the

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A couple of years ago SEA-Tech delivered a presentation in the National Maritime College of Ireland, for the INS, CMRC, IMERC, and Transas about the potential risk of DoS attack agains AIS systems equiping ships over 300GT (over 100 000 vessels around the world). Although it never been seriously intended the conclusions of this presentation led people to think nothing should ever replace entirely aboard a ship the presence of human inteligence.

Yesterday Juha Saarinen published a very interesting article on SC Magazine describing how a team of university students have demonstrated that it is possible to subvert global positioning system

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I have "served my tour of duty" with SEA-Tech from 2008 to 2010. First of all I am very gratefull to my former colleagues in SEA-Tech. When I talked to Arnaud and he asked me to write a testimonial I was really happy, because I think the years when we worked together it was a very nice and successful time. I have been thinking a lot of the challenge of writting the story in not too many words, due to the lots of things that I learnt and experienced back then.
I joined to the company in 2008 after I

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There are days, when you wake up and you have no idea what you are about to step into... Today was one of those days. A page of history was written by Bruno Sroka and his team... and what a team!! Great people, strong minded, simply inpiring!

It is late, but I want to write this while all this is still vivid in my mind. My last email with Bruno was yesterday (Thursday) around 21:00hrs. We also had a long phone conversation, earlier in the day, on what would be the best approach to land as close as possible to

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Today started bright and early with a stopover by the naval base of Haulbowline to discuss with Commander William Roberts of the best possible approach for Bruno in the next few days. Commander Roberts was in 2012 the commanding officer taking STY Creidne to the tall ship.


Landing to Ireland, with almost no wind, can be challenging. Hopefully, the National Space Centre in Elfordstown also contributed imediatly and we got invaluable information for Bruno that could not be found anywhere on the internet.

We are just out of a long phone conversation with Bruno

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 First man to challenge the Cap Horn on a kitesurf

After challenging Cap Horn in 2008, the English Channel in 2012 in five hours and many other extreme kite surfing challenges, Bruno Sroka (Kite Surf World Champion) will be coming to Ireland in the next coming days.


Since 2012 SEA-Tech has worked close to the Irish Naval Service on projects involving kites propulsion. In the National Maritime College of Ireland, the IMERC group keeps talking about wind in Ireland, in fact, a few days ago our eminent colleagues Gerry Sutton and Judy Rea took RTE

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Today RTE News (Paschal Sheehy) mentionned the databuoy we worked on in June. Our colleagues Judy Rea and Gerry Sutton explained the importance of the Beaufort lab, envisionned by Prof Tony Lewis and officialy announced on a sod turning ceremony by Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Simon Coveney. Marine Data Communication is a direct condition for collecting information at sea. SeaFi will be instrumental in the development of marine energy in Ireland.

Later in the afternoon we were all invited to Spike Island for the 75th aniversary ceremony of the handover of

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If you think marine IT and space are not related, you are wrong! C-Sigma for the next couple of days will be hosting C-Sigma, the major event this year in matter of maritime surveillance. Someone said once you can't see if you are too close from the picture, well this is exactly what this is when it comes to martime surveillance for SAR, AIS, VTS, but also natural resources. C-Sigma IV brings to Ireland heavy weight of Satelite Technology. Invited by the Irish Naval Service, SEA-Tech will post images and reflections about satcoms and marine IT.

Forenoon watch

We are

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20130604 204715

David McDonald from Nova Networks with Eng. Arnaud Disant from SEA-Tech founder of SeaFi Marine Data Communication Ltd. Presenting Cork Smartbay SeaFi antenna now transmitting data live from Trabolcgan bay 3 kilometers south of Rochespoint

20130620-DSC 7675

Today Smartbay Cork Databuoy started broadcasting soon before noon. Paul Gaughan, Smartech (Marine Institute) Engineer managing the project immediatly commented:


"I am pleased to inform you that the Cork SmartBay Buoy was deployed this morning off Roches point Lighthouse by the Port of Cork Vessel the ‘Dennis Murphy’ assisted by a Rib from the Naval Services. I understand from the SmartBay technical Team

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joyon2Francis Joyon is a French professional sail boat racer and yachtsman, holding the record for the fastest single-handed sailing circumnavigation, however and since a few days he is the fastest man on the Atlantic too, catch me if you can! Just above 5 days and 2 hours, Francis Joyon demonstrate (one more time) that Marine ICT and sailing are definitly working together. Talking of technology one cannot quote Francis Joyon and not to mention his long time routeur and comrade Jean Yves Bernot.


Jean Yves Bernot is a french meteorologist forcaster but a sailor too, he was navigator on

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20130607 054106 resizedMORNING WATCH: Two bells and the sun is rising over Fairway in Cork harbour. Today we are working on a special assignment for SeaFi. In a lttle bit over two hours we will be testing XT32RS our new generation datacom aerial on a research buoy outside Trabolgan bay. Sea-Tech will be leading the TCP / Internet side of communications both on the buoy but also aboard Denis Murphy work catamaran. It's a big job, we have been working side by side with the boys from Nova Networks for over a year on the SeaFi project. For the past few weeks

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Min Varadkar, Cdre Mark Mellett (DSM), Cdr Fitzgerald, Cdr Barry
We were very pleased to welcome today Irish Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Leo Varadkar and party in our lab in the National Maritime College. We discussed with him our projects for marine data communication such as SeaFi and over the horizon long distance marine data exchanges as alternative to satelite communication.

A brief synopsys of Marine Information Communication Technology (ICT) was given by Arnaud Disant while John Watson introduced the business aspect of Marine ICT for Ireland, featuring interagency collaboration and international export (SeaFi). SEA-Tech is a registered management

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topazYesterday we've had a meeting aboard Bourbon-Topaz where we were welcomed by crew and Captain Arnar Steinsvik for a SeaFi survey. It's been a long time since I had been on a ship this quality. Everything aboard tells you "you're safe now" not just Bourbon-Topaz, but each and every single man we have met on board gives you this reinsuring impression of safety, men who know their job. It is this unique feeling you get the moment you have climbed the pilot ladder and this look you get while looking  into the eyes of the first man on the

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Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 10.04.33Cork, National Maritime College of Ireland - We are very pleased to announce that SEA-Tech signed today a distribution agreement for Ireland. 

Succorfish is one of the world's leading tracking companies and works closely with leading authorities to develop and manufacture intelligent, cutting edge asset tracking and data transfer systems. Easy to use, 'fit and forget' asset tracking systems are made for use in the most harshest of environments, regardless of use.

The company's advanced, telematic tracking systems link to major global satellite networks and use cutting edge GPS/GSM, GPRS and SMS technology to accurately locate mobile assets to within

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